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What We Focus On


Don't fall for a pretty mask...

Fraud takes many shapes and forms and it can happen in any type of business. Some types of fraud make the headlines such as Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and embezzlement. Other types not so much; however, they affect the average consumer, business owner, and individual every day. To mention a few: catfish, debt consolidation and credit repair schemes, diploma mills, phishing, fake check payments and credit card unauthorized transactions; even TV programming piracy. 


There is nothing as valuable as peace of mind. Whether it is dating, hiring a nanny, ​​online relationships, or finding a good roommate you want to make sure that you, your family, and your property are safe. Whether your business is a firm, restaurant, store, day-care, fitness center, or pet grooming service, finding the ideal employee is time-consuming and we want to help you hire a candidate that you can trust. 


What can we do for you? People vetting, investigate a digital persona to uncover the true individual, pyramid schemes, telemarketing fraud, phishing, credit repair, and debt consolidation schemes. We also offer investigations related to insurance, fraud, money laundering, skimming, cash larceny, false refunds, false voids, check to tamper, shell companies, misuse of inventory, and payroll fraud.  We can work in conjunction with your attorney to provide the evidence needed for your case.

Business man giving dishonest handshake
Services May Include
  • Background/Credit Check

  • Social Media Search

  • Scene Investigations

  • Interviews/Recorded Statements

  • Surveillance

  • Canvas

  • Record Retrieval

  • Service of Process

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