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Located in Aurora, Colorado, at "Lynx Investigations, LLC" we provide accurate information in order for you to make informed decisions. We are more than licensed private investigators; we are fraud specialists. 


Lynx Investigations has over 10 years of experience in TV anti-piracy measures, identifying possible targets, behavior trends, and analyzing forensic data.  Our team consists of Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Experts in Cyber Investigations.


Our reach is WORLDWIDE! We are able to investigate cases and provide solutions regardless of location, language, or currency.

What We Focus On

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We conduct investigations to determine if the content provider (or distributor) has infringed any copyright, counterfeit or trademark laws through the unauthorized distribution, possession, theft, reproduction, storage, or sale of protected intellectual property or merchandise. This includes TV programming piracy and counterfeit high-end beauty products. 

We include our services for individuals as well. While we focus on landlords so that they can feel confident about a potential tenant, we can offer our services from running a comprehensive background check, interview, social media search, and call references to locate individuals, investigate payment fraud, identity theft, and service of process. We believe in catering to every client’s individual needs, which is why the services are tailored for each client.

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